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We provide Full-cycle Development and Implementation services.

In both cases, we act as a part of your development team.


Full-cycle Development

Develop software applications starting from RFP to deployment. Provide knowledge transfer and maintenance. The license belongs to customer.

In this case, our Project Manager and Business Analyst in Singapore side will work closely with the end-user to perform a Requirement Gathering. Our Singapore side will come up with the Functional Specification and Technical Design Specification after the Requirement Gathering sessions.

The Functional Specification and Technical Design Specification will be passed to our Vietnam side for the project team to come up with the System Design Specification. The System Design Specification will be detailed to use cases, sequence diagram and class diagram so that the developers in our Vietnam side can implement the system accordingly.

The system will then be deployed to the client by our Singapore side, and the deliverables will be:

  • Functional Specification.
  • Technical Design Specfication.
  • System Design Specification.
  • Application's executable files and source code.
  • Test Plan.
  • Test Script.
  • Deployment Guide.
  • User Manual.



Develop software based on the initial design provided by the client.

Develop the modules and components of the multi-partner software projects.

In this case, nForce's Vietnam office will come up with the System Design Specification according to the documents prvoided by the clients. Once approved by the client, our developers will proceed to implement the system/ modules according to the approved System Design Specification.

If onsite testing is required, our Singapore side office will perform the onsite integration testing.

The deliverables will be:

  • System Design Specification.
  • Application's executable files and source code.
  • Test Plan.
  • Test Script.
  • Deployment Guide.
  • User Manual.


Application Porting and Data Conversion

Convert data from one system to another, and porting the software to different programming languages and operating systems. (for instance, upgrade the software from VB to VB.NET)


Quality Assurance

Develop test cases and test plans, conduct testing and also provide an assessment of the stability of the application's features.

nForce Solutions assembles a dedicated project team for each project. A typical development team includes software engineers, QA and testing specialists, as well as dedicated art designers, technical writers, system engineers, and other supporting professionals. Each team has a Project Manager, who is responsible for technical leadership, task assignments, supervision of team members, and daily communications with the client.


How're we gonna work

Within our Vietnam Side Office, project teams are organized into Development Department. A Software Department Manager leads each group, managing the performance of several project teams and their project leaders.

In our Singapore HQ office, a project manager and account manager handle each client account. The project manager oversees performance and organizational issues that the offshore team cannot directly resolve. A project manager is a technically capable specialist who can help doing project requirements gathering, organizing an offshore project team, and handling logistics such as visits or special equipment needs. The account manager is a non-technical professional in charge of business issues such as contracts, billing, general performance and customer satisfaction.

What makes us special?

We are based in Singapore to be your on-shore partner

Our developers are based in Vietnam, therefore we can provide a low cost service while the quality is up to the region's standard.

We have dedicated teams for each client.
We have dedicated project manager for each project.
We have dedicated teams/ best of breed specialists in any different technology.

This is to ensure smooth workflow as well as guarantees that the client receives detailed reports, timescales and most importantly rapid response time for any feedback and comments. Each team is dedicated to only 1 technology which is ranging from Java/J2EE technology, Linux, to Windows, Microsoft .NET technology, Open architecture technologies (XML), etc... Therefore the team is very specialized, and we are not a jack of all trades but we are able to provide solutions for any industry using any technology.



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