nForce Solutions Pte Ltd


Onshore Partner for your Offshore Outsourcing Development

Although Outsourcing Development work offers significant savings, companies still need reliable onshore partners to realize those savings. As a Singapore based company nForce Solutions Pte. Ltd. is created to fulfill those needs and become the essential link to a successful partnership between Singapore and Vietnam, and other countries in the Asia region as well.

As a leading brand name for software outsourcing in Singapore and Vietnam since 2002, nForce Solutions Pte. Ltd. has the advantages of attracting the best talents from the top Universities in Vietnam as well as overseas like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Besides our certified workforce, we also have partnership with a number of high profile software product companies in Singapore, Japan and the US. We have a proven track record for successfully delivering large and complex projects for several companies in the local, Asia region and North America as well.


What makes us special?

We are based in Singapore to be your on-shore partner

Our developers are based in Vietnam, therefore we can provide a low cost service while the quality is up to the region's standard.

We have dedicated teams for each client.
We have dedicated project manager for each project.
We have dedicated teams/ best of breed specialists in any different technology.

This is to ensure smooth workflow as well as guarantees that the client receives detailed reports, timescales and most importantly rapid response time for any feedback and comments. Each team is dedicated to only 1 technology which is ranging from Java/J2EE technology, Linux, to Windows, Microsoft .NET technology, Open architecture technologies (XML), etc... Therefore the team is very specialized, and we are not a jack of all trades but we are able to provide solutions for any industry using any technology.



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